Replay: Senior V.P. of Titleist Golf Ball R&D Bill Morgan Appears on PGA Tour Network

Posted: May 19, 2011

Bill Morgan, Senior Vice President of Titleist Golf Ball R&D, spoke in-depth about Titleist golf ball construction, technology and performance this morning on "Fairways of Life" with host Matt Adams on the PGA Tour Network on Sirius-XM radio.

You can listen to an audio replay by clicking the play button in the player below.

Morgan (pictured above) also took calls and answered questions from many listeners during the one-hour segment broadcast on Sirius 208 and XM 93.

Topics included:

• Performance characteristics of all Titleist golf balls;
• Design strategies and golf ball technology;
• Affects of swing speeds on golf ball selection; and
• Gaining distance vs. Lowering your score.

Earlier this month, Morgan joined Mary Lou Bohn, Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing and Titleist Communications, to discuss the facts about golf ball performance and fitting during a live Webcast on Team Titleist.

A replay of that broadcast is posted at this link.

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