Sneak Peek: New Prototype Titleist Irons

Posted: June 24, 2011

As you read this, several dozens of long, cardboard boxes, imprinted with the Titleist Script, sit in the back of a delivery truck en route to Arnonimink Golf Club just outside Philadelphia, host of next week's AT&T National PGA Tour event. They were all shipped from the same place, the Titleist Tour Deparment in Carlsbad, Calif.

On Monday morning, our Titleist Tour Reps at Aronimink will begin opening those boxes, each one marked with the name of a player in this week's AT&T field.

Inside the boxes: Prototype Titleist AP1, AP2, CB and MB irons (712 Series), which are being introduced on the PGA Tour this week for testing and seeding as part of our performance validation process.

(Please note: "712" is the series designation. Titleist has long used 700 numbers for irons, just as we use 900 numbers for metals. Accordingly, the "7" stands for irons, while the "12" stands for the new model year, 2012.)

Over the last few weeks, the Titleist Tour Department has been focused on building these iron sets to the custom specifications of our Titleist Brand Ambassadors.

This week at AT&T, members of the Titleist Leadership and R&D teams will begin working with our players to show, explain, fit and test the new irons, a process that will continue over the coming weeks across the worldwide professional tours. The feedback we receive during this validation process influences the design and specifications of the Titleist products available in golf shops around the world.

We will continue to provide behind-the-scenes information and product details here on the Team Titleist blog throughout the seeding and performance validation process.

Click the photo below to view images of the first builds and shipment of 712 prototype irons from the Titleist Tour Department and some recent testing out at the Oceanside Test Center.

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Reynaldo C

i'd be willing to help you test them.  Just send the clubs (AP1 or AP2) and i will gladly,give you my feedback. :)


I would like to know the improvements from the 710 in the CB and MB models. They look pretty but what is new about the performance?

Frank E

I hope the boys liketh'em, Because, I sure would like to get my hands on set.  From what I was able to see, the lines look like ... MONEY!  

Charles S

Your "712's" look great.. When can we hit them?

Thanks for including us in the announcement.

Dennis S

I was just put the AP2 710's into my shopping cart online and I walked away to think about it to make sure I wanted them. Then I saw this e-mail... I will also wait to do some comparison shopping.


Thanks Titleist I finally think my bag is 100% set and I love everything then you show me these. Now I am not gonna sleep until I can get my hands on those new Ap2's. These new irons are just B.E.A.utiful!!!

stuart c

These look great, thanks for the pictures. TT has really stepped up and is doing a terrific job communicating.  Is the AP1 forged in the 712 line and is it the best bet to knock my 775's out of my bag?

Ernie B

The clubs appear to be healthy and have a great design,  Will have to give them a try when they come on the market.

Ben B

Well done Titleist, the clubs look great. Excited to hit them when they become available to the rest of us.

bosco j

Are these CBs and MBs going to be in Satin finish?? or is it a custom made for the players??