First Look: Under the Hood of the New Titleist AP Irons

Posted: August 31, 2011

In late June, we introduced four new Titleist iron models to the worldwide professional tours as part of our performance validation process. The response on Tour to the new AP1, AP2, CB and MB (712 series) irons has been overwhelmingly positive, with many of our Titleist Brand Ambassadors putting the irons straight in the bag after initial testing.

Nick Watney (AP2), Chris Kirk (CB) and Scott Stallings (AP2) have each won on Tour since putting the new irons in play – performance validation at its best.

Given the buzz surrounding the new product introduction on Tour, we have received many comments and questions about differences between the new and previous generation Titleist irons. In an effort to address some of these questions, we’d like to take you “under the hood” of the new AP irons to illustrate how our most Advanced Performance technology to date is poised to help the games of serious golfers.

The new AP irons (712 Series) feature advanced multi-material designs that provide the high performance ball flight, stability, looks, feel and sound preferred by serious golfers. The new designs have been improved with internal weighting that utilizes a higher density tungsten material in order to distribute mass more efficiently. Redistributing the weight in this manner increases the moment of inertia (MOI) of the club without increasing the blade length. This means the new AP irons are more forgiving yet do not lose any workability or shot control.  The higher MOI designs of both the new AP1 and AP2 irons produce more consistent balls speeds over a larger area of the face, leading to better distance control.

Chris McGinley, Vice President of Marketing for Titleist Golf Clubs, says “good iron play is all about distance control. Increasing the MOI of the AP irons allows golfers to be more consistent with their irons shots, leading to more and better scoring opportunities."

“Traditionally, high MOI has been achieved by increasing the size of the club head,” adds Marni Ines, Director of Titleist Irons Development. “By concentrating weight in very specific locations with the high density tungsten, we can offer our most playable irons to date without sacrificing the workability that our target golfers demand.”

Be sure to click on the image below to take a closer look at the construction of the new Titleist AP irons.

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Clint M

Outstanding engineering and design combination. Makes me want to get to a demo day soon. Thanks for a great view of these clubs.

Clint M

David M

Awesome looking clubs. Can't wait to put them in the bag!!!

Ricky P

When do they hit the stores ?

Mike M

What will be the stock shaft offerings for both the AP1 and AP2?

preston j

ive seen and hit these because i know a titleist rep and they are absolutely incredible

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Michael Martysiewicz

i watched a video with nick watney hitting the new AP2 irons and he said they sound differently whats so different with the sound and does anyone know the release date for these irons. i have 09 models and i really want the new ones. i could switch to the CB's but i like the forgiveness the AP2's have

Nigel D

I use AP2 and love them .. Interested to know if the NEW AP1's are forged this time ??


I have the AP1, 710 Series, and I absolutely love them.  For me, coming out with a new AP1, 712 Series, posses a dilemna for me.  Do I stay with the clubs I love, or do I go to the new ones.  I find it hard to believe that AP1's could be any better than they already are.  Can you tell me what the release date will be.  My e-mail address is:, thank you.

Rich Belliveau

Dale H

My interest lies with the 712MB.  Anything at all that you can tell me about them will be appreciated; the date that I will be able to order a set, the release date, confirm that the satin finish will be available (the "prettiest" looking tool I have seen in years, etc.

Doug L

These have to be easier to hit consistantly than my 962's.  They have a great look that makes you want to play them.  Well done!