LIVE WEBCAST: Titleist Golf Club Experts Answer Your Questions on the New Irons.

Posted: November 16, 2011

The first shipments of our latest and most advanced family of Titleist irons are en route to golf shops around the world. If you're interested in learning more about the technology that goes into making the most advanced irons for serious golfers, you won't want to miss this exclusive opportunity to get the inside scoop straight from the Titleist Golf Club R&D team.

Join us this Friday, November 18th from 4:00 to 4:45 p.m. EST (1:00 to 1:45 p.m. PST) for a live webcast hosted by Dan Stone, Vice President of Titleist Golf Club R&D, and Chris McGinley, Vice President of Titleist Golf Club Marketing as they will be sitting down with Team Titleist to take a closer look at the new AP1, AP2, CB and MB irons (712 series).

They'll also be answering questions from Team Titleist members, so make sure you  submit your questions for the team by leaving a comment below.

And don't forget to bookmark this page so you can enter the Webcast on Friday by following the link below:

Thanks – we look forward to to seeing you on Friday!

Friday, November 18th
Time: 4:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. EST (1:00 to 1:45 p.m. PST)

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This question might not be appropriate, at this time, for this forum.

The availability of the new shaft options for Moderate Ball Speed Players is a win-win. I am interested in your comment / suggestions on shaft options for Vokey wedges for these players; particularly Senior and Ladies.

Mike S

I thought I saw where the new Vokey wedges were going to be available in the 200 Series this happening?  Also, why aren't the Vokey wedges not available in the same finish that you give the players?  That is a huge marketing mistake.  Did you see the pictures you previously had on the Vokey wing of your website????  Guys went nuts for that finish.  No, we get bright satin and brushed I getting my equipment at Dick's Sports?????

Darryl R

I have a set of  Tour model Titleist blades that i love when i am striking them the right way.  My blades have steel shafts, but my woods all have graphite shafts.  Will this combination affect the way i swing if my graphite clubs have to be swung slower than my irons.

Michael L

I am a 6 handicap, just turned 50, and I have an old set of 690 CB's which I absolutley love.  I am looking to get a new set of irons and am curious if you think i should even entertain the AP 2's or just stick with the CB's???

Hassan m

I am a 47 years old single digit handicap. I play titleist 755, I am 5.5 tall and had to adjust shafts (steel - regular). Thinking of trying new 712 that the right move? What are the shafts I should use? My swing speed is 99 mph and I dont have athletic arms. Congratulations for the whole team titleist in creating such a great products.

wayne s

What's the difference between the CB forged and the AP2 forged?

Bryant S

Are you considering offering a "Combo"  AP1's  &  910 Hybrid Set?.

Colin V

Why haven't the Titlest clubs been "in the news " over the past few years?  The only constant Titlest clubs I read about are the wedges.  I'm a higher handicapped player, currently using BB "04 clubs,  thinking about upgrading.  Which clubs do you reccommend for the average typr golfer you is looking for forgiveness along with length?  


Colin V.


I currently play 704CB irons that are about 5-6 yrs old. I am 45 years old and a 9 handicap-down from a 14 about 3 yrs ago. A couple of my friends bought AP2's last year and love them,they think I should switch to get more forgivness. Should I look at new CB's, AP2's or go all the way game improvment wise to the AP1? Is there a handicap rule of thumb as far as who should use which set? Should I mix a set?

Matt S

I must say...the 910 D3 driver is the best looking, best performing, best technology I've ever seen in a driver!  It's the simplest to adjust and combined with the Aldila RIP shaft, it gave me the least amount of backspin which gave me more roll translating to 10-15 more yards off the tee!!!  Titliest is the #1 company in golf!  Period!  

Two weeks after I got the 910D3 driver I had to get the 910 15 degree and the 21 degree hybrid and now have the best equipment I've ever had in my bag!  My scores have dropped an average of 2-3 strokes per round from the control and consistancy I get from my new clubs!  There's not a club in my bag that does'nt bear the name "Titliest" for good reason.  I play the original AP2's with Project X 5.5's and would like to know what benefits I would get by changing to the new AP2's?