Titleist Launches Four New Golf Ball Models

Posted: February 1, 2012


Strengthens Performance and Expands Preference Options

Fairhaven, MA (February 1, 2012) – Titleist, the undisputed golf ball technology leader, introduces four new golf balls to its line - NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo. Each has been designed to deliver best in category quality and consistency, while providing a range of performance and preference options for golfers across every skill level of the game.

New NXT Tour and NXT Tour S deliver the best scoring performance available with a non-urethane cover. Trusted by golfers for over a decade, NXT Tour has been improved for 2012 to deliver even longer distance while retaining its commanding scoring shot performance. New NXT Tour S offers NXT Tour-like performance with a softer compression feel. The all-new Velocity provides explosive distance via the fastest solid core of any Titleist golf ball. Titleist delivers the Softest DT yet in the New DT SoLo. Both NXT Tour S and DT SoLo are offered in optic yellow. New Velocity is also available in double-digit play numbers.

“Our golf ball product development process is the same for all Titleist golf balls,” said Bill Morgan, Senior Vice President, Golf Ball Research and Development. “It always starts with golfer testing where we identify performance improvements that will help golfers score better and determine what their preference options are. New Titleist NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo are the result of this process and deliver the best scoring performance and quality within their respective segment.”

The new offerings, all of which are manufactured in Titleist’s world-class ball plants, begin shipping to golf shops in February. They also will be included among Titleist’s industry-leading mobile, in-shop and on-line Golf Ball Education, Fitting and Selection initiatives.

“Before we introduce any new Titleist golf ball, it is performance validated with golfers. Thousands of Team Titleist members tested and validated the New NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo,” said Mary Lou Bohn, Vice President Golf Ball Marketing and Titleist Communications. “Along with the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, the best scoring performance golf balls in the game, Titleist provides golfers with a range of superior performance and preference choices, all with our precision, quality and consistency. “


 NXT TOUR: First introduced in 2001, the Titleist NXT Tour begins its second decade as the established best-performing, non-urethane covered golf ball in the game. New NXT Tour has a large dual core, three-piece construction that features a slightly smaller, soft center and higher volume outer core layer, that is engineered for increased power and longer distance than the prior model. The soft, thin Fusablend cover features a new spherically tiled octahedral design with four axis of symmetry, and 302 dimples in five different sizes. The result is a combination of long, consistent distance, commanding short game spin and control, soft feel on all shots with excellent durability. (MSRP: $42/dozen; MAP: $31.99/dozen)


  • Engineered for High Performance
• Even Longer Distance
• Commanding Short Game Spin and Control
• Newly engineered dual-core with soft center, volume of high energy
outer core increased over 4%
• Soft, thin Fusablend cover
• New spherically tiled Octahedron, 4 axis of symmetry, 302 dimple



NXT TOUR S: New NXT Tour S is introduced as a preference option for golfers seeking NXT Tour-like performance with a softer compression feel. NXT Tour S features a new, proprietary low compression, highly resilient core, in combination with the same soft, thin Fusablend cover formulation and aerodynamics as the New NXT Tour. NXT Tour S offers a softer compression feel than its counterpart and, like NXT Tour, offers low driver and long iron spin for outstanding distance, a piercing trajectory and consistent ball flight, and commanding short game spin and control. As another preference option for golfers, the New NXT Tour S is offered in white and high optic yellow. (MSRP: $42/dozen; MAP: $31.99/dozen)


  • Engineered for High Performance
• Soft Compression Feel
• Outstanding Distance
• Commanding Short Game Spin and Control
• Delivers Feel & Color Preferences
• Proprietary soft compression, highly resilient core
• Soft, thin Fusablend cover
• New spherically tiled Octahedron 4 axis of
symmetry, 302 dimple design
• High optic yellow



 VELOCITY: The all-new Titleist Velocity golf ball is powered for distance and the result of leading-edge design, proprietary technology, and the unparalleled precision of Titleist’s world-class manufacturing process. New Velocity features Titleist’s exclusive high-speed LSX core technology and is encased in a NAZ2 cover formulation that delivers high initial ball speed on all full swing shots and playable feel in the short game. The combination of the fastest solid core of any Titleist golf ball, cover formulation, and 332 icosahedral dimple design aerodynamics, delivers a soaring, tight, consistent ball flight and deep downrange peak trajectory. Velocity is available in single or double digit orange play numbers. (MSRP: $35/dozen; MAP: $26.99/dozen)


  • Powered for Distance
• Fast Ball Speed for Explosive Distance
• Deep Downrange Peak Trajectory
• Playable Short Game Feel
• LSX core technology delivers FASTEST solid core of any Titleist ball
• Speed enhancing NAZ2 cover blend
• High surface coverage dimple design






DT SOLO: The “Red Box” Titleist has enjoyed a loyal following for decades and the newest generation was developed with one objective in mind: design the softest compression feel possible, while continuing to deliver the long distance and control that are the DT standard. The result is the softest DT yet. The new DT SoLo is comprised of an extremely soft and fast core formulation that provides a distinctly soft compression feel. The cover blend of two soft Surlyn ionomers, in combination with the soft, fast core and 392 icosahedral dimple design aerodynamic package, provides a penetrating ball flight with long roll out for excellent total distance. The New DT SoLo is available in white or optic yellow. (MSRP: $28/dozen; MAP: $19.99/dozen)


  • The Softest DT Yet and Softest Compression Titleist
• Responsive Short Game Performance
• Low flight with long roll-out for excellent driver
and iron distance
• Trusted Titleist Quality and Consistency
• Large and soft core with a soft cover

• High coverage, 392 icosahedral dimple design in five
different sizes
• Available in white or optic yellow



MERCHANDISING: The New NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo golf balls will be sold in traditional dozen and three-ball sleeve configurations. Merchandising support includes launch packs, displays, a full product line trade presenter, as well as in-shop signage and point-of-sale materials.

ADVERTISING: To strengthen the connection with golfers and to generate awareness and excitement for the new NXT Tour and NXT Tour S, and Velocity, the launches will be supported with television, print and internet advertising campaigns. DT SoLo will be supported with extensive internet placement.

AVAILABILITY: The new line of Titleist golf balls will begin shipping February 1, 2012.
Titleist and FootJoy comprise the major golf brands of the Acushnet Company. To obtain additional information or photography regarding Titleist golf balls, please visit us online at www.titleist.com or contact Joe Gomes, Director of Communications (508.979.3211).

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Bob M

I picekd up a dozen of the NXT Tour Soft in Yellow and have been playing them for one week now. They have replaced the RX ball i used to play. Longer, very soft with more spin the the RX. I am able to control shots around the green much better. The bst thing about this ball is that it is much more durable than the RX. I can use them for 2-3 rounds were I changed the Rx ball after 18. The cover is much softer than the RX and putting is slightly duller but after you get used to the feel you will be hooked. i love the yellow as it is easy to follow against the sky and I always want to check my trajectory and flight. Good job Titleist !!

Andrew C

I can't wait to try the new NXT. I always used the NXT Extreme since it felt really good to me. Now, it looks like I'll have no problem picking a new titliest ball. Great neww!!

Tom S.

I cant wait til these new balls hit the market for sale.Cant Wait!! Wanna tee it up!

kevin g

The Velocity is the ball you must put in play. Played Willow Park in Castro Valley Ca last week shot my lowest score in over a year. I also need to state I was one of the Team Titleist members that tested the ball last fall so I have a soft spot for the Velocity and it is my ball of choice.

Steve D

I played the new NXT Tour today and loved it! I played the Penta TP3, and Callaway Hex alongside the new NXT Tour and hands down the new NXT had the best distance off the tee, straighter ball flight and great green-side feel..I'm a believer. The only problem now is what to do with my two boxes of Taylor Made Pentas??

Jack H

Really liked the NXT Tour S that I used this AM.  Felt that the feel was extraordinary in the sand and around the greens.  Thanks for opportunity to try them.  

Richard H

I enjoyed playing both the NXTTour and the NXTTourS. Good feel to both balls.  Liked the feel of the S when putting.

Robert O

Thanks for including me in your survey of the new NXT Tour and NXT Tour S golf balls.  I really like both of the balls, but got better results from the NXT Tour because my golf swing has slowed down considerably in the past couple years.  Both ball putted well, but I got better results from the NXT Tour when chipping and pitching close to the green.  Really like the feel off the tee of both balls.  Thanks again.

William B

I have played the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S balls you sent me. The NXT tour is

the best ball I have played ,distance wise feel and around the green. The NXT

Tour S fell a little short of the tour ball, in distance and feel, but had more spin

around the green.My swing speed for driver is 88 mph and driver carry and roll

is 230 yds. I play the Bridgestone E6 ball, until now, I am switching to the

Titleist NXT Tour right now. Thank YOU Titleist.

Joseph D

The NNTTour andNXTTourS both provided  excellent distance and feel with the driver and irons.I did not get the same feel with the putter.The ball seemed to come off soft so it was difficult to get any positive feedback. This is not the case with the NXT that I play regularly.