Ask a Titleist Player. Or a Titleist Tour Rep. (Submit Your Questions Now!)

Posted: February 17, 2012

Team Titleist is headed to next week's WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona with one goal in mind: Getting the answers you need.

From our Tour Reps on the Titleist Tour Van, to all of the Titleist Brand Ambassadors and golf balls loyalists in the 64-man match-play bracket, we've got Team Titleist covered.

Have a question about Titleist golf balls or equipment? Want to know more about life on the PGA Tour? Looking for tips on lowering your handicap or how to hit a particular shot? Or is there something else that is peaking your interest?

Simply submit your questions in the comments section below and we'll do our best to get as many answers as possible. It's going to be an action-packed week on and off the course, so we'll be sure to track down some great responses.

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What irons would you recommend for a 12 handicap player. ?  

Ron c

What is the best swing tip or swing drill you ever got?

Abiman R

Do you think of holding the lag on your downswing until right before impact or begin to release the club immediately after initiating the downswing with the lower body?

Paul T

Are ye bringing out new drivers and woods ??????

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Kyle G

Are a lot of guys out on tour using "hard stepped" or "soft stepped" shafts? Hearing a lot about it these days, just wondering what the guys out there do..

Anssi H

My questions:

How many balls you have in the bag at the course? And how many balls have you reserved for a tournament?


How many clubs you reserve for a tournament? Any spare bags, sets, diffirent shafts etc.?

Rodney L

I live in MN and am eagerly awaiting the golf season to try out my new 712 AP1s and 910 D2 clubs!  My goal this year is for improved accuracy with my irons.  Any tips and drills I can use to help me achieve my goal?

Ralph A

Just had a left knee replacement. what should I expect as far as my swing and are their exercises I can do to help.

stuart c

With all the talk about drivers and swing path.  Do you really want to hit up on the ball on the tee or should you try to swing level and let the loft launch the ball.  Every time I try to swing up the ball balloons and goes right.  Thanks

Sean S

Can a Team Titleist member ever get a tour of the Titleist Tour Van? One more, how stocked is the van with older model equipment (ie do you still have 905R's, original AP2's)?