Ask a Titleist Player. Or a Titleist Tour Rep. (Submit Your Questions Now!)

Posted: February 17, 2012

Team Titleist is headed to next week's WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona with one goal in mind: Getting the answers you need.

From our Tour Reps on the Titleist Tour Van, to all of the Titleist Brand Ambassadors and golf balls loyalists in the 64-man match-play bracket, we've got Team Titleist covered.

Have a question about Titleist golf balls or equipment? Want to know more about life on the PGA Tour? Looking for tips on lowering your handicap or how to hit a particular shot? Or is there something else that is peaking your interest?

Simply submit your questions in the comments section below and we'll do our best to get as many answers as possible. It's going to be an action-packed week on and off the course, so we'll be sure to track down some great responses.

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Cole W

Are the Titleist Practice/Range balls recycled week to week or are they new for every tournament?

harry b

can you ask mark lieshman when he is coming back to commonwealth in Aus?


joe c

If your sponsor asked you to wear a silly hat on Saturday would you consider switching?

Do any players think about wearing ear plugs to drown out the random sounds of the tournament crowd or can you do it through concentration?

If you could have people who say "get in the hole" automatically thrown out, would you?

Sam S

I am a 7 handicap and 14 years old.  As of now i have the TM deep cavity irons( and the new titleist wedges) and the burner 7 wood and driver. I am soon going to buy new irons/driver and fairway. I hit the titeleist  CB irons very well, and i like the titelest D3 driver. are these right for my game?

Brent W

How much do you guys really practice? And how often do you have to re groove or change your clubs?

Cris M

What are some of your determining factors in choosing one shaft over another?  The more I read, the more they seem all the same.  Getting dazed and confused on how to find the best fit for me.

Ryan K

Do you recommend changing out your wedges and grips every year?

Giorgio O

How often do players change their clubs?

ted w

Want new 910D2 driver. I now swing adila nv65 stiff shaft. All the titleist stiff shafts at local pro shop seems to have more flex. What shaft do you reccomend?

Please give a couple of options!!


Are the cast irons like the AP1 as consistent distance wise as the forged irons like the AP2?