First Look: Prototype Titleist 913 Drivers

Posted: June 24, 2012

As many Titleist Brand Ambassadors start their journey to the 2012 AT&T National, they’ll have a nice surprise waiting of for them on the range of Congressional Country Club – new prototype Titleist 913 drivers.

And we’re excited to be bringing Team Titleist a sneak peek of what’s in store for this week.

Starting Monday morning, our Titleist Tour Reps will be in full force working closely with Titleist players in the field to check all of the build specs and SureFit Tour hosel settings to help players get dialed-in with the new prototype 913 drivers for testing. 

This marks the official introduction of the new drivers on the PGA Tour and kicks off the tour seeding and performance validation process that all Titleist clubs go through prior to being released in the market. 

The Titleist Golf Club R&D team will also be on-site to walk through some of the new technology and advancements that players will see in the prototype 913 drivers. They’ll also be taking note of the feedback from the player testing as this will influence the design and specifications of the final product that is made available to golf shops around the world. 

In case you were wondering, “913” is the series designation for the new family of drivers. Titleist continues to release metals under the 900 number designation with the “9” standing for metals and the “13” indicating the new model year, 2013.

As the tour seeding and performance validation process continues in the coming weeks across the worldwide professional tours, we’ll continue to share more behind-the-scenes information and product details here on the Team Titleist.

In the meantime, check out the slideshow below for a first look at the new prototype Titleist 913 drivers as they were being built and packed for their trip to Washington D.C. (and a few player’s homes).

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tod d

These appear to be a nice cross of the 909 and 910. I am very curious about the weight system...(stock) shaft options and head size/volume.

I've been waiting, as I know many have to pull the trigger on this new driver. Good to see it finally showing up.

eugene b

i have a new design for the titleist golf ball but can't get anyone to talk to that might be interesred in it. Surely you would think some one would be interested enough to at least look at it.

Ryan R

I love my 910D3 so I can only imagine how money this 913 will be!!! Can't WAIT!

Keith G

The new 913's look great!!!! Just that look would give me 20 more yards off the tee or at least a thought in my head while teeing up.....another good production Titleist!!!!!


They look really nice, much prettier than the 910D2 which I play.  I'm looking forward for the release of the new club.  Can you tell me approximately when they will be in stores?

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Jim P

looks like this club will have some adjustable weights in addition to the 16 face/loft settings

Jean B

My husband would love to sample one of these beauties in a 10.5° loft, regular, right handed model. He promises to give honest feedback as well as showing off the new club to his buddies, thereby making the sample pay for itself many times over. After all, what better advertisement than having it at the course, in use, and gloating about a sweet, new product. Of course, the sample part would be our little secret.

Norbert B

That is the club of the future

Chris M

Very nice. Interested to hear what's up with the new weight design.


The design just getting better! I simply love it!