Video: Tour Seeding of New Pro V1 and Pro V1x Prototype Golf Balls Begins

Posted: October 5, 2012

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November 24, 2015

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November 24, 2015

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roger p

I received a sleeve of PV1X's on 10/10/12 and was asked to evaluate them. I did the testing as requested and went to the web site to enter the data and take the survey .  When I got there I was informed the survey was closed.  I guess my input is not necessary, but thanks for the balls anyway.

Roger Parker

gary b

I have received a sleeve of the new balls and as a loyal Titleist player, I can't wait to try them. Keep up the improvements.


Just got my "white box" and will be testing them out this weekend.

Robert T

Got new "white box" with Titleist prototype  golf balls in it a few days ago, and I cannot wait to go out and play them this weekend. I currently play ProV1X and think it is the best ball available for me as I have had my lowest scoring rounds playing it. Thanks Titleist for including me in your player evaluations of the new ball! Another reason Titleist is #1.

Ambrose K

The new prototypes I tested are awesome. They have an improved soft feel and felt very solid when hit with no loss in distance (Maybe even added some). Am really looking forward to playing more with these new balls. They are absolutely great around the green. This is why I play Titleist!!

Curtis C

I was lucky enough to get a white sleeve last time. I was very impressed with that golf ball. I would be very excited to try the new pro v1x.

J. Evan N

I received three new balls last week. I have tried them and found them to be a little bit longer with excellent spin around the green. Yes, I will play them next year.


Received the Prototype ball last week and took them out for a spin and wow.  I have always played the PRO V1x and this new ball seems to have taken it to the next level.  I noticed a definite increase in distance with less spin and the ball seems to have a lower compression feel to them.  I am at awe at how they can take an already amazing product and made it better.  I love the control of the ball and it seems like controlling spin is much easier from before. Flop shots just land and stop. Bump and run shots seem to be almost automatic and full shots feel amazing. Love this ball. Good job Titleist R & D!


Glad the Pros are excited as we are to test the new ProVs.  Titleist R&D...well done as always.

Paul M

How can I get some of those test balls?