First Look: Prototype Titleist 712U Utility Irons

Posted: October 23, 2012

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The 2012 PGA Tour season may be winding down, but that doesn't mean the Titleist R&D team is taking a break from designing the best performing products for the world’s best players.

Meet the new prototype Titleist 712U utility iron, which has been designed to deliver consistency and control to high-ball speed players.

On the worldwide professional tours, some players prefer a utility iron over a hybrid club as an alternative to traditional long irons. The 712U delivers increased playability versus a traditional long iron while providing enhanced spin and trajectory control versus a hybrid.

The prototype 712U is being sent to players this week for performance validation and feedback. We will also be on the range at the season ending PGA Tour Fall Series event at Disney in early November working with Titleist staff players.

The 712U is currently a Tour-only product, but the feedback we receive during this validation period will influence the final design and specifications, as well as determine the product's place in the Titleist club line-up.

Before the new prototypes headed out, we grabbed some photos of them in our Tour workshop. Be sure to check out the slideshow to get a first look at the prototype Titleist 712U utility irons.

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Drew S

Just came off of ACL surgery and have yet to play, but looking at these makes me more anxious to play. I hope they come out soon so I can get them! Or maybe if I'm lucky I get to test them out?!

philippe g

Very nice!!!!

I want to have it in my bag to replace my 503H 19°, love the forged touch...

brian k

Great looking clubs. They would probably hit those test balls nicely.

Andrew B

Look the business, please bring these to retail and before the 2013 season !

Rick S

Count me among those interested in testing out this club...would finish off the top end of my 712MB's perfectly.  

Alex H

PLEASE RELEASE!!! Titleist fans have been so anxious to be able to purchase a driving iron like this for so long!!!!!

Chuck M

Looks great and I am very interested to get more information.

Kevin Y

As many have already stated, please release the 712U to the public!  I fit in the mold that hasn't fully crossed-over to the hybrid realm.  I still prefer long-irons off the tee on short par 4s and I just can't get the low boring flight (with roll) out of the hybrids.  I'm looking to do a bag revamp this spring and a 712U 2-iron with a PXI is definitely what I need to replace the J33 AirMuscle I've been gaming since 2005.

Kevin Y

As many have previously stated, please release these 712U prototypes to the public!  I am one who still prefers to hit long-irons off the tee on many Par 4s; and I just can't get the desired ball-flight with the new hybrids (lower with less spin).  After being disappointed that the 913Hd was not released, I really hope these make it to the market.  I'm looking to revamp my bag setup in the Spring, and a 712U 2-iron with a PXI shaft is exactly what I've been looking for to replace the J33 AirMuscle I've had in the bag since 2005.

Phillip P

I have been waiting for a utility/hybrid such as the 712U for a very long time. Titleist will find in there best interest to release the 712U to the public, and soon