First Look: Tour Seeding Begins for Prototype Titleist Irons (714 Series)

Posted: June 23, 2013

Team Titleist is heading to our nation's capital this week to bring you all of the action from the AT&T National at Congressional Country Club.  

And as we get ready to head out to the range tomorrow morning, we'll be joining our Tour Reps and a few Golf Club R&D team members to capture the beginning of the tour seeding and performance validation process for the new prototype Titleist MB, CB, AP2 and AP1 irons (714 Series).  

The Titleist tour department has built prototype sets for Titleist Brand Ambassadors to test and put in play as part of our development process. All Titleist golf clubs go through this critical step to validate their performance before being launched to market.

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michael l

they look great and i am sure they will live up to the name tttliest

Keith G

Great looking irons.  I can't wait to see how they feel and perform.

James K

Sounds like  a great new line of irons. I have several of the vokey spin mill wedges this sounds like a new break trough.

Kevin C

Those are very nice looking irons.  They look more streamlined than even before.

donny c

you know, I play in a big mens group even saturday and i would be happy to put a set of the tour blades into play. I shot one over with my miz Mp-30's yesterday. I used to have 2 sets of irons, my Zuno's and some 690 MB's. I gave those to a friend and comparable player last year when his car was broken into and that s what he played. He had no back up set. I miss my blades, so if you have a set of used 712 's laying around?

Club Champion

Chris P

Look forward to hearing what the Pros have to say.  Can't wait to hit them myself.

Daniel C

Sweet!  Can't wait until the fall!

Frank P

They look amazing.....glad that the classic look of these great irons stays intact.

Aaron S

These are drop dead gorgeous. Love my AP1s so I am curious to hear a out the differences between the 712s and 714s.

Jennifer A

Looking sharp Team Titleist!  Have had my irons for about 10 years and am waiting to see what Team Titleist is coming out with. Have to change wedges to comply with the new groove rule.