First Look: Tour Seeding Begins for Prototype Titleist Irons (714 Series)

Posted: June 23, 2013

Team Titleist is heading to our nation's capital this week to bring you all of the action from the AT&T National at Congressional Country Club.  

And as we get ready to head out to the range tomorrow morning, we'll be joining our Tour Reps and a few Golf Club R&D team members to capture the beginning of the tour seeding and performance validation process for the new prototype Titleist MB, CB, AP2 and AP1 irons (714 Series).  

The Titleist tour department has built prototype sets for Titleist Brand Ambassadors to test and put in play as part of our development process. All Titleist golf clubs go through this critical step to validate their performance before being launched to market.

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monty a

Can't wait to see the new clubs...

Joshua G

I think the irons look awesome can wait till they come to my golf course pro shop to have a closer look

Normand G

Ahead of the game as always. Looking forward to demo days.

Richard S

Onward & upward!

kris H

MB look very nice!



John L

let me know if you ever need an amature seeding feed back i would love to compair and give feed back on this type of product. i loved the 712mbs i bought two sets


Would love to give feedback on the new CBs.

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

David Browning

The MB's look nice. It appears that they have a deeper muscle? Reminds me of my 660's. I wonder what the bounce and offset is with these. It'll be nice to get my set soon!

Robert T

can't wait to see these new irons in action.