Precision Engineered for Advanced Performance - The New Titleist AP Irons

Posted: September 2, 2013

Since late June, the Titleist Tour Support Team has been working with many of the best players in the world to validate the performance of the new prototype Titleist irons. And with more than 70 players worldwide already putting the irons in play, the performance benefits of the new irons have delivered on golf's biggest stages.

 As the journey from tour prototype to production continues, we're excited to announce that the new Titleist irons (714 Series) will be available in golf shops worldwide beginning this November. The line-up will once again feature AP1, AP2, CB and MB models.

Team Titleist recently caught up with Chris McGinley, Vice President of Golf Club Marketing, and Marni Ines, Director of Irons Development, to learn more about the new AP irons. So check out the video above to hear Chris and Marni explain how the new AP1 and AP2 irons have been precision engineered in terms of shape, structure and materials for improved flight, increased forgiveness, and solid feel.

Make sure you stay tuned to Team Titleist to get the latest news and info as the new family of Titleist irons make their journey from tour prototype to production.

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Joe C

Everyone's swing and physical distribution is not the same. You should do what Taylor made is doing and go to custom fitting.

David L

What month wll the new AP2's hit retail so we can purchase ?

Dave J

I hope Titleist put the "distance" back into the new AP2 irons.  Current model is 1/2 club shorter on distance than png S56 irons.  Big fan of Titleist for their quality and consistent products they produce.  But I can't play a "shorter" club because of the name.

Ken C

Are the AP irons available in graphite?

Jim R

Do we know what graphite shafts will be available in the new 714 AP2's?   I have 712's now and have the KBS C taper.  Is there a graphite shaft similar?

ron b

I am an old guy--waiting for the new AP1 !!

Bob S

can't wait to try them.!!

floyd b

when will i be able to order the new 714 irons. THANKS


I realize they won't be able to the public until November, but will demo's/prototypes be sent to club fitters, so we are able to see the numbers (spin/carry/etc.) prior to purchase?

I live in the Northeast and come Oct. 15 the weather can get unpredictable and would like to get fitted some time this month while i'm playing3-4 times per week.

Anyone know this answer?

Greg P