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Chris D

  • June 17
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9.5º Diamama Whiteboard Stiff 63gram



716 AP2

Standard LLL S300 AMT

Vokey SM5

50ºF 54ºM 58ºL

Scotty Cameron Other

2012 Newport 2 34" 2.5º loft

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  1. Last year

    Chris D started a discussion

    Driver weights & Iron ferrule

    Hello I had my 915 D3 shortened to 45" which made it a little bit light, so I had 5g of hot melt added which was a little bit to much, do you sell the weights for the...

  2. Last year

    Chris D started a discussion

    From png back to Titleist

    Picked up my new AP2s last week after going to a Titleist Fitting day, I've had a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 in the bag for years. My bag now AP2s 716 4-P + W S300 AMTs...