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  • Rochester, MN
  • August 24
  • hofnasty
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905 T ~ 9.5 - Stiff - Mids


19 Degree. Stiff Shaft. Mid-Size golf pride grip

Vokey Design Wedges

56.14 SM4 - Added 2 inches, bent 2 degrees upright, w/Large grip

Vokey Design Wedges

46.08 SM4 - Added 1 inch, bent 2 degrees upright, DRI-Tac Grip

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  1. 3 years ago

    Hofnasty started a discussion


    I'm sure like some of you - you are in my shoes in the northern part of the country and cannot get outside to swing. My local pro shop in town just recently setup a few...

  2. 4 years ago

    Hofnasty started a discussion

    Golf - Health & Fitness benefits that go over looked.

    Golf is an under-rated workout or training session. In fact so many people think it is barley a sport but when you really look at it and break it down it is more than a game...

  3. 4 years ago

    Hofnasty started a discussion

    Hot feet & Bugs.

    This is a two part questions/discussion.   First, does anyone have any suggestions on golf shoes for summer? Meaning, cool, comfortable shoes, that still warrant...

  4. 4 years ago

    Hofnasty started a discussion

    Vokey shots..........

    Anyone out there have a suggestion on why I cannot align my wedge shots correctly?   Irons, Metals, Putters, Chipping, Punch Shots, etc are all fine. In fact they are...

  5. 4 years ago

    Hofnasty started a discussion

    TT Bag Tag?

    How do you go about getting a Team Titleist bag tag? I have been online at Team Titleist for over 2 years now, fairly active user. However, I never received a bag...