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Francesco F

  • solon, OH
  • July 18
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Pro V1

Pro V1x


8.5* D2 Oban Kiyoshi Black S 04 65g Std L/L


15* Oban Kiyoshi White X 05 75g Std L/L


17.5* Graphite Design Tour AD-DI Hybrid S

Vokey Design Wedges

52* Oil can DG Wedge flex

Vokey Design Wedges

56* 10 SM5 S Grind

Vokey Design Wedges

60* spin milled DG Wedge flex

Scotty Cameron Other

Studio Newport 2

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  1. 5 years ago

    Francesco F started a discussion

    How many people have you converted to Titleist products?

    Let me start saying that I am not a scratch or a low single digit (play off a 10), but i can kick the ball around and surely have a great passion and dedication for the game...