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  • Whitinsville, MA
  • June 12
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Diamana D+ White 72/9.5 degree/X flex/Winn Dri-Tac


Diamana D+ White 82/15 degree/S flex/Winn Dri-Tac


Diamana D+ White 92 HY/21 degree/S flex/Winn Dri-Tac


712/4I-PW/DG S300/Winn Dri-Tac

Vokey Design Wedges

SM4/52-08/DG S200/Winn Dri-Tac

Vokey Design Wedges

TVD-M 56/56-12/DG Spinner Wedge Flex/Winn Dri-Tac

Vokey Design Wedges

TVD-M 60/60-08/DG Spinner Wedge Flex/Winn Dri-Tac

Scotty Cameron Other

California Monterey 34"/ Winn Midsize grip

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  1. 4 years ago

    eboos started a discussion

    Ever have a situation that called for a shot you never tried?

    On the 18th hole at Blissful Meadows the other day, I landed on the skirt and right against the rough. I had a 20 foot putt for birdie, but with the ball against the rough, I...

  2. 4 years ago

    eboos started a discussion

    A very 'Tin Cup' moment

    Today, just like every day, I tried to reach the 8th green at Blissful Meadows in 2. From the whites, it is 572 to the center of the green. I hit a drive with a perfect draw...

  3. 5 years ago

    eboos started a discussion

    Scotty Cameron California Delmar 1 of 500?

    I was at my local shop and checked out another SC model, and it had 1 of 500 engraved on the bottom of it. It was also $175 more than other SC models. What is special about...