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8.5, B1, Neutral 12g, Diamana White Ltd 70 X, 45"


15, C1, Fade 16g, Diamana White Ltd 70X, 42.5"


19, C4, Diamana White+ 90 S, 40.5"


21, B1, Diamana White+ 90 S, 40"

716 CB

4-9, Nippon NS Pro 970 S, +1/4", 1 up

Vokey SM6

48.08, S200, +1/4", std

Vokey SM6

52.08 bent to 53, S200, std, std

Vokey SM6

58.08, S200, +1/4", Std, Std

Scotty Cameron Other

Select Newport 2.6

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  1. 4 years ago

    Gene S started a discussion

    Club Fitting Questions

    Hi everyone, this is Gene Saunders, Club Fitter Manager for Titleist South East Asia. Over the coming weeks we are asking everyone to send their Club...