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  • Chicago, IL
  • May 27
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  1. Last year

    Jim W started a discussion

    Lightweight Stand Bag Improvements

    I purchased a lightweight stand bag in May.  I've walked 45 rounds with it, and have a few suggestions to improve the design: 1) The water bottle pocket needs some...

  2. 3 years ago

    Jim W started a discussion

    Driver Shaft?

    I've been playing a 910 D2 with an Aldila RIP 60 stiff shaft for a few years. I have it set to the A-1 position. Recently I've been experimenting with a launch...

  3. 4 years ago

    Jim W started a discussion

    3 wood shafts

    I have a 910 D2 with RIP 60 shaft.  I'm looking at a 910f 3 wood with RIP 80 shaft.  Is this a match? Thanks, Jim