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Joey R

  • Batesburg, SC
  • September 10
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Joey R's Bag

Pro V1x

Pro V1x #3


910D3/9.5/Dianama Anahi/70-x/Standard


17.0 / Aldila RIP / 80g S / Standard

Vokey Design Wedges

52.09/1 degree weak/PXi 6.0/standard length/ 1 degree upright

Vokey Design Wedges

58.14//PXi 6.0/ standard length / 1 degree upright

Scotty Cameron Other

Newport 1.5/34"

Joey R's Activity

  1. Last year

    Joey R started a discussion

    Wedge Flex Shafts vs True shafts

    Everyone, I am looking to see what everyone's opinions are.  I currently am playing a 53 & 58 degree Vokey wedges.  They have a wedge flex shafts in...

  2. 3 years ago

    Joey R started a discussion

    Shaft Tipping? What does it do?

    Just curious more than anything, but I have heard of people having the shaft tipped extra on their custom clubs. And I have had this done on a club a long time ago 12+ years....