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  • Saint-Hubert, QC
  • March 22
  • Mathieu_Perron
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8.5/HZRDUS T1100 65 6.5 flex





716 CB

4-9 iron: 22-26-30-34-38-42-46/DGAMTX100 Hardstep 1X

Vokey SM6

46-50-54-60/ DGAMTX100

Scotty Cameron Other

Newport Teryllium LH/ 34

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  1. Last year

    Mat910D3 started a discussion

    917F and 816H shaft tipping question

    Hi, 2 quick questions: What is the standard tipping for the following: -Kuro Kage XT 80 in a 917F2 15* -Kuro Kage silver Tini hybrid 90 in a 816H1 19* Shafts will be...

  2. 5 years ago

    Mat910D3 started a discussion

    913's standard shaft tipping??

    Hi guys, I would simply like to know if Titleist has changed the way it tips shaft to take into account the surefit adapter for the 913? I remember that the 910D shaft had...

  3. 2 years ago

    Mat910D3 started a discussion

    Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XT standard tipping

    Hi guys, I noticed that you've included the new Kuro Kage XT as a custom option for 2016. I'd like to know what is the standard tipping for this particular...

  4. 4 years ago

    Mat910D3 started a discussion

    714's came in today!!

    Hi guys, Quick heads up to those that had pre-order a set, they should arrive soon as I got mine yesterday! 712U #2 714MB 3-P SM4 (54-60) All with C-Taper...