Steve H

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Steve H

  • Clearfield, UT
  • September 17
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1DH0D/10.5/Aldilia RIP 60/3.8 Stiff/ Phenom


3/Aldilia RIP Phenom 70/Stiff/3.2 Torque/Tour Velvet 360


21 degree loft/Low Spin/RIP 80 Phenom Shaft/2.5 Stiff

716 MB

4-6 CB 716s, 7-PW 716 MBs, Project X6.0 Rifle Shaft/Golf Pride Tack grips

Vokey TVD

Titleist TMB-1 Wedge: Project X6.0 Rifle Shaft/Bent to 52 degrees

Vokey Design Wedges

2DHXJ/TVD K Series/56 Degrees/Project X6.0/Snow Stamped

Vokey Design Wedges

2DIPL/TVD K Series/60 Degree /Project X6.0/Snow Stamped

Scotty Cameron Other

Newport M2 Mid Mallet

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