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Todd Robinson

  • Regina, SK
  • December 6
  • twrobinson99
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enclave xl/alidia/xs/35/10/icomic


3 wood/17/stiff/


21 degree


24 degree stiff


Vokey SM5

cg 15 56 degree dg spinner

Scotty Cameron Other

california del mar

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  1. Last year

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  2. Last year

    Todd Robinson started a discussion

    New 915F 13.5 3wood

    Well bought the new 915F 13.5 degree with the Diamana white shaft today. I thought that it was time to upgrade from my 910 3 wood although I still could hit it well. Sure hope...

  3. 3 years ago

    Todd Robinson started a discussion

    new shafts

    I was wondering about putting in ust recoils in my 712 Cb irons. I am using dg s300 shafts right now and was wondering what ust recoil shift would be similar fit. I have read...

  4. 3 years ago

    Todd Robinson started a discussion

    cb 712 irons

    I want to change the shafts in my irons. Not sure what tip size I require. Any help in this would be great thanks