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What are your practice routines to get back into seasonal form?

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist! 

It is a warm 55 degrees near HQ today, so I took advantage at lunch ... and I officially have the bug again. 

So I want to know, do you have a routine you use to get back into the swing of things (pun intended)? What is it? 

I look forward to your suggestions! 


Team Titleist Staff 

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  1. Speedy

    When season is about to start, I head to the basement where my golf stuff is and start organizing the bag. I'll admit, organizing that golf bag gives me goosebumps knowing the season is here.
    Once the bag is set, I pack up my car with the goodies (golf bag, golf shoes, extra golf balls, TT Hats, rain gear, etc.) Before I even hit the course, I like to hit the range a few times to work the rust off. I always start with the wedges and work my way up.. Usually hit 3-4 balls with each club aiming at a target while trying to make good solid contact each time.. Feels so good hitting that grass again...

    Putting shouldn't be an issue since I did that a lot this winter at home.

    BTW Abby, I like that bag in the pic. Is that the Lightweight, 4 way?

    I had the chance to play yesterday at Josh's aka Hotsauce home course. So happy golf season is here... Looking forward to another fun year...
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  2. No'l

    It's a year round golf for us here in SoCal, but at anytime for any reason that I may be away from golf, getting back to it is always exciting even if it was just a couple of weeks or so.

    But, in a bigger scale, I love that Titleist has its equipment- woods and irons on interval year for their releases and each year for new balls to come out. Courses may be open year round, but end of winter/beginning of spring are a great time to get intimate with my new stuff from Titleist- sometimes it includes walking alone early in the day and tuning up. It's glorious yet soulful inside to be able to do and remember during high season. So by the time course or greens aeration has been completed and healed...It's fun times!
  3. Barry B

    I'm fairly lucky that I have a course close by with a covered-heating hitting area (mats only) that I can go to during the winter to keep my swing reasonably intact and if it gets really cold, I can go to Golf Galaxy and hit balls inside. During my winter sessions outside I'll usually hit just irons and a few hybrid swings each session. I always bring my alignment rods and work on aim, swing path and solid contact. When I go to GG I'll usually bring just a PW and 7 iron and just focus on contact (to short a distance to worry about aim and I don't completely believe their ball flight tracking system). Once it warms up and dries out enough here that the ranges open their grass tees, then I start back hitting my driver and fairway woods (which is typically mid to late March).
    This year I was able to spend February in southwest Florida. What a difference it makes practicing and playing in warm weather (hi 60s - low 80s). It's so much easier to practice and get your swing in shape when you're not wearing multiple layers of clothes. It is very strange intentionally hitting balls into the water, but it's what they do in that area. I had 8 range sessions and played 4 rounds while there and I can honestly say that month gave me a big jump on the golf season here in STL.
  4. Darryl M

    In Kansas March usually gets the fever going. I go to the range when the weather is warm in February and work on shots I struggled with the previous year. I also work on getting everything back in sync. Then in March I'm pretty loose and ready to play. I still hit the range & chipping area at least once a week until I start playing regularly then usually once a month going forward.
  5. Steve S

    Hi Abby. After working at the same course for 20 years, I never get rid of the bug. On November 8th, we had an awful fire in our maintenance building. We lost everything. We are just now getting equipment in. The only good to come out of this mess is everything will be new. Office included. My foursome have a 9:30am tee time at Cape May C.C. this Saturday. Can't wait! Hope to see you in N.J. one day.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  6. marquel c

    Range..9 holes...then range again for 2 days, then play. May sound a little crazy, but this works for me. Good luck and have fun.
  7. pauldrue

    To start, here in the northeast, with the weather warming up, the temptation is great to get out and onto a course. I resist that urge by taking up residence at a range for a few sessions. I start with alignment rods (definitely Titleist ones, haha) to get reacquaint myself again with a proper stance and alignment. I go through my bag with the rods and work on the basics again. This first step helps me get off to a good start, hopefully with a clear head as well.

    Let the fun begin!

  8. Blake B

    Typically I'll go right out to the course since I have been practicing every so often through our warm winter at this point. This helps me identify where I am truly not up to speed at on the course, then I'll take those back to the range and mentally play holes in my routine.
  9. Chris Hatem

    I've tried extensive practice before I got back on the course in the early season, but this year I tried just going out and playing - and got much better results. If you think you got rusty in the off season you WILL be rusty. If you come out with the mindset, lets just pick up where we left off you'll likely have a better start.
  10. Blain A

    No practice routine as the range will not be open yet. We will play for a couple weeks before the course is actually "open", so no flags or mowed greens for a while. Just great to be outside hitting the ball!
  11. TDelp

    Touch is probably what needs the most work before the season gets going. As a good friend of mine said, "You have the hands of a steel-worker". I constantly work on my touch but its especially bad after a 3 month layoff.
  12. TAJones0218

    I'm from Chicago so we have a short(ish) golf season. Played a lot of simulator golf during the offseason, and picked up some good and bad habits. I think the best way to knock off the rust is to play 9 or 18 holes of golf.
  13. Michael JC

    Wedge shots from 70 yards to my "practice green." A closely mowed area with a cup , flag and small pot bunker. Can't really putt on the green, but it really helps with short game. When I get the wedge swing going o.k. everything else kind of follows suit!
  14. Don O

    Do have a driving range at the local Titleist AFC with a heated shed and a 12 foot felt mat on hardwood for putting. Been dedicated to the local gym. My first round will be Pinehurst #2 with the get fit for spring deal. Hoping the hard work will translate well. Certainly want to get at least a few memorable shots while there.
  15. Ray M

    Just waiting for the courses to open here in Alberta Canada but the range has been open. I love Tom Watson's analogy. If you can hit a 2 iron you can hit anything so I start with my 3 iron and work my way down to wedge. Then the big sticks. Come on spring. Hoo Hoo
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