Pro v1 vs. Pro v1x Feel

Started by : Christian P |

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Christian P

Does anyone else think that the pro v1 feels firmer than the pro v1x? Maybe it's just me, but the x seems softer... please let me know what you think.

Sal J

I'm with Stephen on this...still feel the Pro V1 feels softer than the 1X.  But, I do admit that I've not used the 1X long enough to say that for certain...maybe I need to get over my thoughts about this and just try the 1X  a lot more before making final decision on which one truly feels softer.

Cy S

I find the v1 to be much softer than the v1x. For me there's no substitute for the feel I get with v1, especially on my short irons and wedges. 

Gerry B

I think v1 feels a little softer but I prefer the look(dimple pattern)of the v1x.Performance is close for me.Really like both.G 


Well, you can put the debate to a close if you enter the 2013 ProV1 and ProV1x Sweepstakes which is on right now for Canada.  Go to the Sweepstakes section in the index on the left of the site's page and you can read what Titleist says about the difference between the two ProV's...... oh, and don't forget to enter the sweepstakes while you're there, lol!

I  have entered and just want to say thanks to Mitch and the gang at Team Titleist for another great chance to get involved with the best Brand Name in golf today. 

rick c

I also think prov1 is softer than x. just bounce it on a wedge and you can tell right away.

Shawn B

Definitely some subtlety there, but my sense is V1 is a bit softer. 

Alexander T

My take is feel is very subjeftive. For what it's worth...the V1 to me feels softer but not by a large margin.

Raphael N

I made the comaparison and ended with 1x since the 1x has a firmer feel and generates less spin on the driver, and v1 has more spin and feels way less firm.