Where do you split your combo set?

Started by : Matthew S |

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Matthew S

I'm looking to order a set of CB/MB and am undecided on where to start the MB in the set. The 7iron and 8irons are where I am thinking I could go either way.

Wondering where you guys have split your sets, maybe some are playing AP1/AP2 or AP2/CB. Let me know I think it might be interesting to see. Let us know why you did it that way too.


Darius V

Mathew...  In another post about Shafts for the 714's, Ryan had this to say...

"With regards to the 714 vs. the 712 irons, through testing the 714 3-5 irons will go higher, the middle of the set or 6 and 7 are more transitional and the short end or 8-PW will flight lower.  For individuals this will hold true for most as well."

This may help guide you in your decision on where to split your set...


Stephen F

My dream set is actually (since the event at Eagle's Nest) 3,4,5 AP1's and 6,7,8,9 AP2's with vokeys following....

I was contemplating just going to 4 iron and having the 5 as an AP2 also but that'll be a "fitting day" decision!

Sylvain G

I am thinking about splitting my next set also.

AP1 from 4 to 7, AP2 from 8 to GW, and then 54 and 60 vokeys .

Can't wait to order!

Badger golfer

Hey Matt,

I was in the exact same boat your in right now last winter, I planned on getting a cb/mb combo... I thought I was going to do 7-pw since the cb's are the ever bit more forgiving over the mb's (I didn't know if I was good enough to play it) but after hitting the MB 6 iron multiple times and comparing the feel and forgiveness to the CB 6 iron, I actually liked the MB better!  I felt the MB had a slightly better feel and the forgiveness was the same, I liked the thinner sole and the offset was the same I believe so I felt confident enough to game the MB 6 iron. The specs on the sets are the same until you get into the 3-5iron so I went 4-5 CB (no 3 since I'm rotating between the 712U and 20*913Hd) 6-PW MB and never looked back. I've been gaming the combo set all summer and had a very successful season, I couldn't be more happy with my selection. All I have to say is if you can hit the MB 6 iron and are confident in hitting it then include it in your combo!

Hope this help.


Matthew S

Decided to keep it the same as my last few sets, 4-6 CB and 7-PW MB will add 3 SM5 vokey wedges to that next year

Ordered them hopefully they are here for christmas!