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Andrew M

Ok so I understand how other company's 

are getting more length. Much stronger lies 

and longer length shafts. There 6 is actually a 5.

How would adding just 1/2 inch of length with no

Lie adjustment effect the shot from each iron?



Andrew M

Thanks Ryan

Darius V

Ryan G

Hi Andrew,

For every 1/2 of length added you need to flatten the lie angle 0.5 degrees from what you have now.  If you want to strengthen loft, it has no effect on how long the club is.

Ryan...  When I was fitted for my irons the fitter tested me for lie angle and decided on a 2 degree up adjustment. He also then added 1/2 inch to the shaft length. Based on your answer I am wondering if perhaps the adjustment should only have been 1.5 degrees up. Do you think it would be worth checking when I go to Eagles Nest to get fit for my rescue?


Ryan G

The best thing to do is once you get them is to go and use the lie board again and tweak as necessary.  I just received my custom AP2's and SM5's which were standard lie, and the 6-9 and 46 and 50 bent 1 degree weak.  They came and the lies were a bit flat, and the lofts were standard and needed to be bent anyway. A 0.5 degree lie angle change is not really severe, but if you like to choke down on shots a bit upright is the way to go.

Good luck with the hybrid fitting! My new 913HD 20 degree with the White+ 92 shaft is a rocket.  almost 240 carry and 250 total.  Highly recommended if you are a high ball hitter with lots of spin.  

Mitch D

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the post!
We are not quite clear from your comment if you felt that the clubs you received were not bent to the spec you requested. 
If that is the case, in the future, please take them back to the Titleist Authorized Retailer that you purchased them from and we'll happily measure them again to ensure they are dialed in accordingly. 
As you may know, there are a few variables that come into play when measuring lie angle so it is important to take that into account when measuring/bending the clubs you receive.

Great to hear that you are enjoying your Titleist golf clubs.  Sounds like your 913 H.d is crushing the ball!

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Darius V

Ryan - Thanks for the tip. I will certainly ask to have them check my lie angle for me for me when I go for my Fairway/Hybrid fitting.

I love hearing your 913HD 20 degree is working so well...  Could be a good replacement for my #2 TM Hybrid. We shall see what the fitting process comes out with.


James G

If I may add some thoughts here. Lie board testing can be very misleading. I always showed deg upright on a lie board. After years of a strond draw and limited ability to fade it, I went searcing for answers.

On Flight scope monitor, when LOWERING my lie angle on all irons back to standard the improvement was unreal. The lie board still said go upright but the monitor said otherwise. After doing that my accuracy and striking improved tremendously.

Please get yourself on a track man or flightscope to get the best total fit. Even after having had a fitting. You wont regret it!