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Is Titleist going to be apart of the golf show this year?

Steve H

I was just wondering if Titleist is participating in the Toronto golf show this year? I have been the last couple of years and have not seen them. It would be a nice surprise to see them their.


Steve H.

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  1. Darryl B

    I hope they will be there it would be nice to see them there

  2. Shawn P.

    I attend every year and haven't seen Titleist there. It would be amazing to have a Titleist booth at the Golf Show. I'll be sporting all my Titleist gear when I go. I'm not gonna lie but I'd probably just hang out at the Titleist booth all day long lol. Can't wait to go to the show. It's a blast every year.

  3. Tom E

    I will only be able to attend a smaller one here is Niagara Falls.  If you guys are asking for them to show up in TO, then there is a good chance that they may not attend the Niagara Falls Golfshow.  But I did see that Michael Breed is going to be in TO again.  That would be pretty cool......"Lets do this!"

  4. PaulyO

    Hi Tom,   I'm the Niagara rep for Titleist and happy to tell you that I will be at the Niagara show in the demo area on the weekend.  I'll have all of the new products with me as well.  

  5. Tom E



    That is awesome to hear and I will look for you!! I ordered my 913 D2 before Chritstmas after a fitting with Jason (Titleist rep) through a Golftown fitting.  I am looking forward to the showon and demoing the woods and hybrid to help finish off my set!!  See you then anf thanks for letting me know

  6. Shawn P.

    That's awesome. When is the Niagara show? I may have to make a trip if Titleist is gonna be there. Yup that's right I'm obsessed with Titleist ha ha. Is there any word if anyone will be representing Titleist at the Toronto show yet?

    Cheers Shawn

  7. PaulyO

    Shawn, its next weekend in Niagara.  Sponsored by Niiagara Golf Warehouse.  You can contact them for details.  905-984-6306

  8. Mitch D

    Steve H

    I was just wondering if Titleist is participating in the Toronto golf show this year? I have been the last couple of years and have not seen them. It would be a nice surprise to see them their.


    Steve H.

    Hi Steve,

    Titleist will not be participating in The Toronto Golf and Travel show this year. 


    Mitch D

    Team Titleist Canada

  9. Tom E

    I must say " What a great Titleist Weekend" for me!  First off, I was fitted with Jason(Titleist fitter) again at my local GT for the FD and Hybrid.  He was once again very thorough and made me feel confident with our choices like he did with my driver back in November.  Then on Sunday, I "swung" down to the Golf Show in Niagara Falls.  Went straight over to the Titleist booth to put a face to the name......and PaulyO actually remembered my name when first introduced from this forum!  First off, class act buddy!!  I was lucky enough to spend some time with PaulyO who went even into more depth regarding my clubs and had the time to re assure the settings and selections from the previous day.  It was nice to see more of the ball flight indoors rather into the screen but both Jason and PaulyO were bang on!  Then PaulyO told me to hold on as he went to his car and spoil me with some TT stickers, pen, and the famous "I'd rather be driving a Titleist" bumper sticker.  Pretty slick....felt like a kid meeting Santa, lol.  Anyways, Mitch, you have some great guys on staff and I wanted to say that I am very happy to be part of TT!!  Its nice to see people who are very passionate about their job....if I can even call it that (jealous factor here).  I will be placing my order this week for the clubs and pray for some warm weather soon.  Also Mitch, get on that Team Titleist Belt Buckle I recommended!! Judging by the feedback on this forum already, it should be a hit! 

  10. Mitch D

    Thank you for the kind words and wonderful feedback Tom!  It means a lot to us that you would take the time to reach out to us like that and share your experience.
    Both Jason and Paul do a great job and their quality of work is rooted in their passion for the Titleist brand.  We have shared this note with both Jason and Paul along with other associates here at Titleist Canada HQ. 
    We couldn't be happier to receive such great feedback from our loyal Titleist brand fans.  Your experience is the type we strive to have all Team Titleist Members enjoy.

    Thank you for your participation here on Team Titleist and for your continued support of the Titleist brand.  

    We look forward to interacting with you on a regular basis!

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

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