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Team Titleist Premium Membership

Alex Z

Hey TT,

Perhaps a dialogue should open regarding the prospect of a premium TT membership. One similar to what is offered at Scotty Cameron. I would suggest that the one requirement is that members have at least one piece of registered Titleist equipment and then for a small fee they would receive a limited Team Titleist piece (pewter bag tag, divot tool, etc) as well as other various perks.

The TT staff here in Canada have done a wonderful job in providing its members extra value and benefits for showing their loyalty to their favorite brand, but it's hard to watch our TT cousins in the states receive so many more options. Perhaps the premium membership is a start for us in Canada.

I am grateful for all TT has done, I would just like to see Canada be on a somewhat even playing field.


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  1. Mitch D

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks again for the note and all the feedback.
    The primary focus of Team Titleist is its inside-the-ropes content and open interaction with Titleist brand fans.  While the limited edition logo'd items we send out from time to time are great and we'll continue to do so...The sale of these items is not our primary focus. 

    With Team Titleist, we are committed to opening up the lines of communication and allowing our most loyal brand fans to see behind the curtain and interact with fellow brand fans and Titleist associates.

    In terms of the U.S Team Titleist initiatives...We'll refer back to the following thread where we addressed differences in golf season timing etc.

    Thanks again for your kind words, feedback and loyalty Alex!

    All the best,
    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  2. Alex Z

    Hi Mitch,

    Thanks again for such a timely and well articulated response. Indeed we are not as fortunate as our friends south of the border with the length of our golf season. The Spring cant come soon enough. Looking forward to all things Titleist in the weeks and months ahead.



  3. Tim S

    Have been fortunate over the last few years to receive some wonderful products from TT. Looking forward to the arrivial of spring and the start of the golf season. Hope to be fortunate enough to receive the fantastic bag tags (or other TT products) in the near future.


  4. Darius V

    Personally - I certainly appreciate the recognition of being a good customer of Titleist, however I have so many bag tags that I cannot keep them all on my bag any more. I think it would be great to have a membership that could possibly provide (for a small membership fee) a discount on purchasing various TT products through the year.

    What I am really looking forward to is Spring-time when the courses here in Barrie re-open and I can get my AP1's back out on the links to see how rusty my game has gotten after the long hiatus.

    I am also looking forward to going in for a fitting for a new 913 Driver. Yup - the AP1's impressed me so much last year that I think it is time to bite the bullet - blow the moths out of the wallet, and invest in a new driver to help the game :)


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