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Kirk S

I recently purchased ap2 irons with x100 shafts. I love the ions but my ball flight is still extremely high. I'm wondering if Kbs or project x shafts would of made a difference.

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Ryan P


With regards to the Dynamic Gold X100 shafts, this is actually our lowest lauching and spinning shaft in our steel iron shaft matrix.  KBS or Project X shafts actually are designed to fly slightly higher with slightly more spin.

One suggestion only based on if you hit the ball high with a ballooning effect would be to decrease the loft (bend the club) to bring the ball flight down.  An effect of doing this will bring the trajectory and spin down.

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You could also try KBC C-Taper... For most people, they are noticeably lower spinning than X100. The X-Flex C-Taper will lower your spin rate compare to X100 altough they are also going to be half a flex stiffer...

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Chris W



I had a player test X100 and CtaperX for comparison  (used ProV1 and 5 shots per club)


Here are the results:



If your ball flight is really high, I'm not sure a shaft change will fix that.

Like Ryan P stated, getting the lofts bent stronger will have the biggest influence on the overall flight.

Hope this helps!



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