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Nolan W

I was just wondering where or if it is possible to get fit for a Scotty Cameron putter. Also, does the Big Sur model come in 34,35 and 36 inch lengths. I have the Kombi and was wondering that if the putter I currently have is the correct style of putter for me then I would buy the Big Sur in the recommended length for my posture and such.

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Sylvain G

The Big Sur is à Nice Hesse shape, but is only available  from 44 to 52 inches.  

Any good titleist certified fitter can fit you à Cameron putter that will  suit you. 

Eric S

Although the Big Sur model is only available in long lengths, you should also consider the Futura X or the Golo. I am currently gaming the Futura X, and it drops putts like a machine, anything inside 20ft, it has a chance in going in. The Golo does have a smaller headshape, but it still rolls very nicely. Those are 2 great alternatives. Hope you find success... Eric. S

jeff r

I was looking at some Scotty Cameron putters. Could you or anyone tell me what is the difference between the squareback 1 vs the squareback 2 ? Thank you if anyone can come up with the answer......

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Darius V

I found this while doing some research on the web. It says the source is from Scotty's page:

At first glance, the Squareback 2 may appear exactly the same as a Squareback 1, but with a plumbing neck. Take a longer look and Scotty's subtle design differences are revealed. To give players a bit more toe flow than the nearly-face-balanced Squareback 1, Scotty moved the neck slightly back toward the heel. Also, the plumbing neck is a mid-length neck, which aesthetically accommodates the boxier, crisper lines of the Squareback 2 at setup. The Squareback 2 maintains the same head weight as the Squareback 1, but it has a slightly thinner topline and a thicker cavity wall.

This model also continues Scotty's technologically-advanced Studio Select putter design with its bold, Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphics, precision milled 303 stainless steel head, and factory interchangeable weights.

Hope this helps...