710 MB's Real or Fake?

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Hi Team Titleist,

Just wondering if you would double check a set of 710MB's for authenticity. Hosel code is 435094. If possible could you detail their spec's please? The set seems to be 4-PW with Project X 5.5's & Red & White VDR grips. Would like to know lofts/lies & any changes to the length (and anything else you think worthwhile).



Hi NeilJ,

Many thanks for confirming that much information.



Michael G

Whats up NeilJ,

I was just wondering if you could tell me everything you know about a particular set of 710 Mb irons.  Serial number  1755812.


Thanks a bunch

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Michael,

Where are you quoting that number from? Is it stamped into the hosel?