Titleist 910D2 Driver

Started by : Jeff D |

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Jeff D

  • I recently purchased a 910D2 driver but without adjusting instructions,can anyone help me with this problem

Jeff D

Dear Chris ,thanks very much for the info on the driver,a great help,many thanks again,Jeff D

David C

I've just bought a 910, having played a 905R. I like the forgiveness on off-centre hits, although the 905 is still amazing! Just an incredible club. I got the 910 in 8.5 and I'd like to raise it to 10 degrees but the dispersion is erratic. My understanding is the A4 setting closes the face angle, so if you sole the club you need to square it to hit it straight, and squaring it adds effective loft. I hover the club, and hover or sole it, I hit it left. In actual fact, if I set my stance way right I hit draws, even in C4. Lower and shorter though. I tried turning the face to what I thought as square at address (ie opened it, weakened my grip effectively about 1/8 inch and hit two good drives (hovering the club) but my path became erratic - and the club no longer feels balanced. Should I sell the club and get a higher loft? What about a reminder set weaker on the grip?

any suggestions appreciated. Thanks