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910 fairway/ hybrid shafts v 913 fairway/hybrid shafts

brett c

Hi all,

have read online that the surefit system on the new 913 fairways and hybrids is different to the 910 versions. Meaning i cant put my expensive upgraded shafts into the new fairway and hybrid like i was planning. Didnt really want to pay for the upgraded shafts again when i have done once already, does anybody know if this is correct. Thanks.


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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Brett,

    You are right that the couplings for 913F & H are different to those on 910F & H, so shafts / heads are not immediately interchangeable.

    However, we are offering a recoupling service for shafts in your 910F& H to add a 913F or H coupling - this is available via your pro or authorised Titleist retailer who will follow our normal returns policy. We will recouple the 910 shaft, set to your preferred setting and weight to the ideal swingweight for that head, before returning to your pro / preferred retailer. We will also return the 910 head and the 913 shaft (with its original coupling).

    There will be a nominal charge for this service, which your pro can advise (all details will go to our account base within the next 24 hours, so would recommend waiting until later in the week before contacting your pro / preferred retailer).

    If a player wishes to have both shafts recoupled, we can do this so that they have a complete 913 and a complete 910. We will weight both heads to standard swingweight for those shafts. This will be charged as two jobs, as couplings cannot be re-used.

    Lastly, if the player requires a swingweight that is different from standard in the 910 club, there would be a charge applied for the additional bezel weight that is ordered.

    Hope this helps.

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