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Titleist golf tees

Robert S

Hi, anyone know where you can get titleist golf tees or have they stopped doing them?

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  1. Marc R

    Robert, They are only available for tour players and Titleist staff. However, they may be released for purchase soon.
  2. Todd M

    Didn't even know they released Tee's. Only Team Titleist members are that obsessed with the brand that we even want tees!

  3. Grumpy cabbie

    Hi take a look on eBay there are some on there.

  4. Richard W

    eBay is your best bet at the moment; but they are not cheap!  Would be awesome to see Titleist release some tees for consumers!

  5. malcolm c

    Hi I have about 34 but can't  remember where I got them

  6. Allan A

    Best tees on the market, I use them all the time. Tried the Scotty ones but they break to easy. Titleist all the way

    Allan A

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