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Vincent C

Hi Titleist. you make great clubs and golf balls and all golf equipment.  As a member of team Titleist as well as 1000s of my companions across Europe, I think it would be great for us to get some bag tags. I am in Ireland so if there is any chance of you guys sending one out, that would be great!


Team Titleist Staff

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

We're one step ahead Vincent - they're on order and due to arrive here next month. Keep an eye on Team Titleist for details as to how they'll be distributed.


Vincent C

Thanks a lot Neil. I can always rely on Titleist to do the best for their customers. #1 Brand In Golf

Gary D

Great news!

Darren s

A team titleist bag tag is a great idea !!

Martin H

Great news, have you got any pictures?

Team Titleist Staff

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Not as yet Martin - they don't arrive until April.


Trevor P

What a fantastic idea 

Cant wait to see what they look like.

Lewis A

If there anything like the ones in America they will be brilliant cant wait to set of and complete my full Titleist set up.

Japanese White Red and Blue Tour Bag

910 Driver

906 15Degree 3 Wood

906 18Degree 5 Wood

AP2 712 3-PW

54/60 Degree Vokey TVD

Scotty Fastback and Squareback both customed 

2013 Pro V1

and of course Titleist Bag Tag when they are available haha

cheers all at Titlesit No 1 In Golf


Yes would love to have one might even stretch to ordering a new Golf bag to put it on,

maybe if i ask nicely i could get one for my birthday.a new bag i mean (she(the wife) would have to be in a very generous mood ???? )

Martin H


Are we going to be able to buy them will you be 'distributing' them via some sort of ballot?


Titleist Fan 1766

Hi guys .Iwould be very interested if you could tell me how to get one of those bag tags.Please could you let me know how to get one .thanks

Team Titleist Staff

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Martin,

We won't be selling them - they'll be distributed in a number of ways and details of how will go up on the blog when they arrive.


Martin H

Hi Neil

OK thanks for that, I'll be checking the blog out then.




ryan f

Want one. eerrrmmm I mean i need one. haha