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Leigh W

Sorry in advance for my nerdy question....

Im going for through the bag fitting at St Ives in May, my question is this.... does anyone know if the balls they use down there are typical range balls or 'normal' balls.  Reason I ask is I'd like to know for sure the distances I carry (especially wedges). 

Again, rubbish question I know, but its something that I have been thinking about since I booked up.

Many Thanks


Team Titleist Staff

NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

Hi Leigh,

Not a rubbish question at all. You will have Pinnacle practice balls just to warm up, but your fitting will be with whichever Titleist golf ball you play most often.

Hope that clarifies.

Leigh W

That's great. 

Thanks for your quick reply Neil.

Phil G

Hi Leigh

They are more than normal balls Leigh. Basically I had a bag full of PRo v1 X practice balls during my fitting at St Ives. You'll have a great time.


Phil Gibbs