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titleist fan 1


i have recently been doing my ball testing because being 14 and still growing i find that my swing can vary a little i included a load of golf balls from all different makes, prices and models and i found that the pro v1x (which i have been using for 8 months now) proformed best, however after falling into the trap of my local pro and (swing speed) talk i brought a sleeve NXT tours they are really nice and after printing off a on course comparision sheet and doing that test the results were like this.

short game - PRO V1X

full swing - PRO V1X

full swing (longer shots) - NXT TOUR

f'ways/hybrids - NXT TOUR

driver - NXT TOUR

feel PRO V1X

so as you can see they are halved i did pick the PRO V1X though because of the xtra short game control my question to you is do you do your own tests if so why, what do you include, how, how often and what are your results.

Thanks :-)

titleist fan 1

Thanks Jeff for your help and i will definitely try the regular pro v1 now do you play the pro v1 yourself and how is it in comparison to the v1x but thanks anyway for your help.


Devin F

Hi Kris,

I am a 15 year old and I play with the Provx1 because of it's all around great performance. You seem to want to be able to hit that long ball, while also being able to control the ball on your short game. This is exactly like me and the vx1 works great! Good luck with your research and let us know what you have come down to.

-Devin Foster

Jeff P


Kris F

Thanks Jeff for your help and i will definitely try the regular pro v1 now do you play the pro v1 yourself and how is it in comparison to the v1x but thanks anyway for your help.


Hi Kris,

I play the PRO V1x because it's the best ball for my swing profile. I'm a high-spin player with a fast swing speed, so the PRO V1x provides a little extra control to my game, especially on the longer shots. The make up of this ball yields itself to imparting slightly less spin on the ball, especially with the longer clubs.

In most cases, less spin with these clubs (at high club head speeds) is beneficial (at least in my case it is). Now lower swing speeds may require a ball with more spin, whether it be to keep the ball in the air longer or to provide stopping power on the greens ... This is why I think the regular PRO V1 would be better for you. 

One of the best way to find out is to do a side-by-side, on-course comparison with each ball. Or if this is available in your area, you could have your swing analyzed by a PGA pro with a Trackman® launch monitor. If the pro knows both the numbers and the two balls, they should be able to fit you to the correct ball, almost in the same fashion that they would fit you for a driver.

Regarding my personal experience with both balls, I have played the regular PRO V1 and would most likely play it if the PRO V1x didn't exist. I've chosen the PRO V1x because it better fits my game -- and again, I've determined this by doing the doing the side-by-side, on-course comparison testing with each ball. 

For more detailed information on this subject, you should visit this Titleist web page:
Of particular note is the graphic "DRIVER DISTANCE AT DIFFERENT SWING SPEEDS" you'll notice how the PRO V1 becomes one of the longest Titleist balls at slower swing speeds. The next graphic "HOW DOES SPIN AFFECT MY GAME? (iron shots)" shows how responsive the PRO Vs are around the green. 

Good luck, and have fun with your testing ... these balls are pretty amazing.

- Jeff

titleist fan 1

Thanks to both Devin and Jeff for your help and support and i have found my perfect ball that seems to work best and it's the pro v1x as i first thought, i recently completed my pro v1 vs pro v1x fitting and all round pro v1x is better for me because im a high spin player, also after playing with the pro v1x in a local comp i got cut to 2.2 playing 2 which i am very happy about.

Jeff - Thanks again for all your help on this and i should off mentioned that my clubhead speed is 106 mph and im a high spin player but thanks anyway for helping me getting me to understand the ball im playing and how it compares.

Devin - Thanks for your support and intrest keep playing well and keep using the no.1 ball in golf but thanks for your imput on my thread.

To both of you i hope the pro v1x is the right ball and thanks for your replys