2013 Ball

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Manuel M

Hey TT

I just wanted to know what you all thought of this post about the prototype ball. Do you think that there's a chance it might not be called the Pro V1/V1x ? I really want to know what you all think because I'm highly entrigued with it. Thank you and have a great day.

Respectfully, Manny M.

Christian J

I tried out the new Pro V1 and have to say I loved it.  I don't think they would change the name of this ball since its the best one out there, and was the very first one.  Also, I'm not sure but my thoughts are they aren't making a new ball this year, only because they just introduced the Velocity last year.  I just hope they stick to what they have, unlike TM changes every year!


Personally if I were Owner @ Titleist I'd never change the name of the best ball in golf. This ball revolutionized the game, it would be crazy to change the name!