NXT tour s

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william f

Titleist sent me a complementary 2 ball sleeve of the tour s to try, have been using the solo for some time. Think I just found my new ball, soft, distance and control, great ball. Excellent !!!!.

Ivor M

Received a 2 ball sleeve also to try.   I have been using these for years.  As a mid handicapper my game just doesn't rate using ProV's all the time (just mid summer when ground is really hard).   The new 2014 is not a massive improvement on the "old" ball but there is some, especially in feel when putting.   Unfortunately it still cannot avoid all trees/rough/hazards etc but I will continue to use them for the 9 or 10 months when we have a summer as I recon they are the best ball for me.

Eyan C

I just started using this ball and i have not found a ball with more consistancy and distance at the same time.