How do you mark your golf ball

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matt P

How does TT mark their golf balls.. Send pics of your markings

walt d

3 red dots in a triangle, under the number.  One for each of my holes-in-one.  All three with titlest balls!


Usually by hitting them onto a cartpath or doing something else dumb. lol

I don't often mark my balls. I have a blue sharpie, but I almost never use it.


I normally mark it like this but of course the 79 would be a lot neater.

Joe C

3 green dots (One for each daughter) in a Triangle over the "T" in Titleist.

Monty m

With Golf Dotz initials MJ

Club Champion


I custom order # 13.  No need to mark them anymore.


josh w

i use one long black line for putting on the side of the ball and i use a line on top and bottom of the titleist logo is eather green or blue

Justin S

Dots on each side of Titleist and dots on each side of number.

Mike P.

A line over the Pro V1x on the side of the ball

Jayme G

Tyler H

I usually customer order them with personalization on the side and all 7's. Then just a simple dot next to the number.

Ron M.

I use #20 ball's and I mark a 7 in front of the 20 ....Birthday=720

David L