Masters balls

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clayton t

did titleist do any balls with the logos if so is it possible to order some them and maybe the us open?


I would love to get some with the Masters logo but I don't think it's possible due to possible trademark infringements.

Skylar T

Yeah, the only place you can get things with a masters logo is at the actual tournament so I don't think those would be available. 

clayton t

i know that cant be right i have bought titleist over runs before with logos of different tournys on them ..... if titeist did do a masters ball not all i am sure got bought at the time

Mike P.

Yeah it would be cool but like it was posted there are probably trademark problems

Monty m

If there were Titliest Balls with the Master's logo that weren't sold during the tournament I would be willing to bet they would never leave Augusta.

clayton t

you can order the 2013 tit.eist masters ball they do not have date on them about 30 a sleeve i have found masters balls in box of over runs too not sure what year they are ..... but for sure this year can be ordered thru augusta..... i would be will to bet after period time whats left maybe sent back to be put in over runs