Titleist VG3 Golf Balls

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Sean FN

I've been seeing the Titleist VG3 golf balls in some of the golf stores. I know they are made for the Japanese market, but what Titleist ball do they compare to in the US market?


Brad K

The Titleist VG3 Golf Ball is a premium distance model exclusive for the Japanese market, featuring a super lower spin fleximer cover and soft center multi-component construction. The new Titleist VG3 delivers low spin off the driver and irons for long, straight and consistent distance on all shots. The construction features a soft center for lower spin and an advanced 332 catenary dimple design with a Staggered Wave Parting Line A.I.M (Alignment Integrated Marking), which offers more consistency and length.


Sean FN

Thanks Brad. What Titleist ball is it similar to on the US market?

James S

What type of cover is on this ball? How is the greenside spin??

Chuck M

Brad, I have no idea if your are a Rep. for Titleist but I would like to know if the VG3 Golf Ball is a legal and conforming ball in the U.S. Best Wishes Chuck mactwochuck@aol.com

paul s

paul s

This Ball is compliant with USGA.  Go to USGA website and check for conforming balls and search for Titleist VG3.  It is there!

Garrett C

I picked some up at the store the other day and it feels like a NXT Tour. Im using them for practice balls.

Thomas W

The VG3 is like a hybrid cross between a Pro V and NXT tour series.


Sounds like they are worth a try, just ordered a dozen on ebay for $27.00 with shipping..


My VG3's just came, does anyone know if there is a difference is with red and black numbers ?? Thanks.

Lefty FPL

Just ordered 2 doz $23.00 each .. Will see when they come in

Malcolm C

I have just received a dozen balls marketed as prov v1 but they are nothing like a pro V!.I can only assume they are fakes or japanese from a company called newgolfoutlet Malcolm

Dan P

I starting using the VG3 a couple of months ago and love them. Very consistent distance due to lack of spin...a double-edged sword. I buy mine at Golfsmith where they are 23.95/dozen. The best value I have found in a ball in a while.

Lefty FPL

Hey Dan Got 2 doz sitting in my office waiting for the weathewr to warm up to get a good idea on this ball .. how do they play around the green I'm thinking not a lot bite ?