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chris b

general question that I just thought of ........

does lie angle effect the path of the ball that much??  my AP2's are 2 degrees flat .... my typical ball flight is straight with a slight fade most of the time.  hitting a draw is a lot more difficult than it should be.

should I consider adjusting the lie angle back to standard or even a little more upright??  in order to get an even more straight, if not, more of a draw ball flight?? on my driver, the 910D2, it is set in the upright lie angle with a slight draw bias and the ball flight is great for the most part.  Should the irons be brought back to standard or upright???

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated .... thanks

Robert J

Lie angle will impact ball flight direction, and if your lie angles are too flat, fades, and missing to the right could result. You best option would be to get a fitting for iron lie angles, and compare to where they are now, and adjust from there if required.


I just got fitted for new AP2s at the beginning of the year..i got fitted 2* flat. The adjustment tamed my draw significantly. At upright, my shots with a 6i consistently had a 15-20 yard draw on it. At 2* flat, the draw on the ball was 5 yards or less.

So in my case, and I'm sure in many other cases, the lie angle does make a significant difference in your shot shape.