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Brendon W

Hello all I have just bought a Titleist 913 15 deg 3 wood with a  Titleist ilima stiff flex shaft and a Titleist 913 hybrid 19deg with a Diamana s+ blue 72 hy stiff flex. I play of a 12 handicap is it me or do the hybrids have a low boring flight? I have adjusted the loft right up but I still have a low flight anyone got ant ideas on how to get a higher ball flight I have no problem with the fairway wood its just the hybrid I love the clubs very much. PLEASE HELP

B Welch

Ryan L

I have the same 19 degree 913 H, but with the 82g shaft instead, I don't really notice the ball flight being low at all for me.  Do you hit down on the ball with your hybrid?  I usually hit down on the ball with the hybrid just like my irons to create more spin and get the ball in the air.

neil f

I have no trouble getting the ball airborn. This club claims to have a mid launch. My png 5 wood has a very high trajectory. Wondering if this will roll out more. My drive swing speed is up around 97 with the blue 62. Is the blue 82  teh equivalent for the hybrid? Killing the new driver.


neil f

No problem getting the ball airborn with any club. 5 wood ball flight is very high and I get very little roll out. I guess my question really is whether the blue 82 is the equivalent to the blue 62 in the driver? Love the driver.

Lou G

mark w

I have 19 degree 910H iliama reg flex shaft. Like you I have adjusted it to add loft. I have not been able to hit a high shot with it. I am considering trying a 5 fairway wood instead.

I have the 910F 19* and love it to death.   I'm not much of a long hybrid hitter so I carry a 9 wood to fill the gap between it and the 910H 27*.  I've tried with no success since last year to hit a 21* hybrid and put the 9 wood back in after 3 years (I played 21 fairway and either 28.5 fairway or hybrid since 2010  and basically have played a choke down shot for the gap - have tried unsuccessfully to hit some sort of 21-23* hybrid but always end up going back to the choke shot).  

If it helps, I play the ball a little bit ahead of center with the 27H.