Fitting adapter on 913F shaft

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Michael M

I custom ordered a 15 degree 913F with an Aldila RIP Phenom shaft through my club.  I found the Phenom to be a little lower launching than I desired so I ordered a replacement shaft through Titleist (thru my club) Graphite Design YS 6+.  I sold the Phenom on eBay to partially recover the cost of the YS6 replacement shaft.  My buyer claimed the adapter would not fit in his 913 head.  I questioned him on whether he had a 913F head or a 910 since the adapters are supposedly different.  He said he has a 913 head.  If that is the case, I am suspecting that the club head he has might be counterfeit.

Have you ever heard of any other reasons why a stock Titleist shaft would not fit in a Titleist head?

Thanks, Mike Marcis