Refinishing and Painting Driver

Just curious f someone were to send there driver head back to Titleist would they refinish the face and repaint ht e driver head for you for a cost ? 

Thanks in advance for any help


Unfortunately, we don't offer this service for our metal woods or irons, but do offer a restoration service for our Scotty Cameron putters.  




Golfsmith has a refinishing service and they do a good job.  So check out golfsmith and you can send the head back to them to get refinished.  Only bummer is you may be without your club for 3-4 weeks, so do it in the off-season.



This is a service that i think every golf manufacturer should offer. I know another manufacturer offered it at one time because I sent a set of Hawkeye irons in and had them re-done. Man were they beautiful when I got them back. Can some from Titleist please let us know why they do not offer this service? I am really curious. Thank you.