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Dan C

Today I won a golf tournament at Clemson University that was a huge breakthrough as I have never won a hurricane junior golf tournament.  I was five back at the beginning of the day and shot a 69 to win.  I am 14 and play all Titleist clubs and would like to thank Titleist for making the best clubs and balls in golf that helped me to perform coming down the stretch.  Also a big thanks to Footjoy shoes and socks that I wore and kept my feet from getting sore or tired through the almost six hour round!  I hope to someday get a Titleist junior sponsorship and make it on tour after playing division one golf in college and one day sign with Titleist while playing one tour.  Thanks again Titleist and Footjoy!

Dan C.

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Congrats on the win, Dan! Thanks for being a part of Team Titleist.

Here's to more wins in your future!

- Mike

Bryan L

Congratulations on the big win.  It sounds as if you have a very bright future.  Best of luck.