Swing weight for AP2 714 and C Taper Lite S


I purchased brand new AP2 714 with DG S300. The swing weight is D2. I want to swap the shafts out with KBS C-Taper Lite stiff. Do I need to ask my clubmaker to change the swing weight to D1 with these new shafts or do I ask him to match D2? I read somewhere that if I ordered the AP2 714's with KBS C-Taper Lite S from Titleist that they would be D1, is this true?


The swingweight would have been D1 with the C Taper Lite at standard length and std grip.  You will probably not notice the one swingweight difference, but will notice the difference in shaft weight and feel.  The C Taper Lite will be much lighter in overall weight, and the ball flight should be higher than with your DYG.

Ok thanks for the response. So, if it would have been D1 from Titleist should I ask my clubmaker to also make it D1? I know he'll try to match D2 when he pulls the DG S300 but I want to be sure I am getting the proper SW.