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Michael D

i'm 49 years old and a 5 handicap with a driver swing speed is 100 - 105.

I love my 910 D2, 10.5, with the Diamana 'ilima shaft.

I then bought the same shaft for my 910H 21 degree hybrid.  However, I'm constantly hooking the ball.

I also have the Graphite Design YS 6+ in my 906 15 degree 3-wood and 904 19 degree 5-wood.  I can easily hook these also.

I'm looking for a new shaft for the 3 wood, 5 wood, and hybrid.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,


steve b

Everybody please understand a couple of things -- 1) not all shafts, heads, clubs do the same thing for every player.  Most of the time we ( professional club fitters) can explain why but sometimes we can't. But if you shots are being measured on a launch monitor outdoors hitting from real grass using Pro V golf balls...then that is all the proof we need.

2)  Most good fitters do not charge for fitting if you buy clubs from them.  Or they might charge about the price of a lesson.  Which is well worth it considering all the questions I see here on the TT site.  And also how much you may spend on clubs. 

3) It is BEST to get fitted by a good instructor that can help you with the decision of " change the club or my swing".

Steve Ball
25 years of ftting

Brett Porath

well said!

steve b

thanks,    why do I get the feeling it will slip through the cracks....?
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Mickey G

I dont think so Steve.... we'll call you Steve on the Ball... heck two identical clubs can feel and play differently. But i do believe the shaft is the heart of the club and well worth the price to be properly fitted.  And I mean heads and swings matched to the shaft.